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import base64
from functools import singledispatch

from json import dumps as _dumps

    from ujson import loads
except ImportError:
    from json import loads

class Lazy:
    __slots__ = 'func',

    def __init__(self, func):
        self.func = func

    def __str__(self):
        return str(self.func())

    def __repr__(self):
        return repr(self.func())

[docs]@singledispatch def serializer(value): """ singledispatch wrapped function. You might register custom types if you want pass it to the remote side. .. code-block:: python from wsrpc_aiohttp import serializer class MyObject: def __init__(self): = 'bar' @serializer.register(MyObject) def _(value: MyObject) -> dict: return {'myObject': {'foo':}} """ raise ValueError("Can not serialize %r" % type(value))
@serializer.register(bytes) # noqa: W0404 def _(value): return base64.b64encode(value).decode() def dumps(obj): return _dumps(obj, default=serializer) __all__ = ('dumps', 'loads', 'Lazy')